Thanks and Wishes

27 Aug

yeah, what she said.

I am thankful for time off, but I’m also thankful for having a job. I’m thankful for a job that lets me take time off and respects that I am a person outside of my job who needs to go to the lake, to travel, etc. That’s cool.

I am thankful for my family for laughing at me. Also for giving me lots of food and toiletries when I visit. I know I can buy them, but it’s great.

I am thankful my car starts.

I am thankful for my roommates past and present. The ones who pay rent and the ones who don’t.

I am thankful for the Culligan water that always comes out perfectly chilled.

I am thankful for Pinterest for all of the craft ideas.

I am thankful my legs work. I like when they let me run and walk. Some people can’t do that, you know.


I wish the A/C was working at work today.

I wish every weekend had one extra day or one extra night, or both.

I wish I was Kate Middleton, or at least dressed like her.

I wish I could take a 45 minute nap in the middle of the day.

I wish I read more.

I wish I swam everyday.

I wish everyone would stop complaining about the heat, because I love it and I’m not ready to hear complaints about the cold.

I wish nail polish didn’t chip.

I wish I had a personal photographer.

That’s all for today.

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