I wore what?!?

23 Aug

You know how we look back at our parents’ year books and crack up at the hair and awful styles? We all know that our future unborn children will someday do that to us (Bless their not-born-yet souls). I’m going to go out on a limb and predict somethings we consider stylish now that are going to look hideous in 10, 15, 20 years. Someday we will look back on this blog post and laugh.

1. Circular glasses.

Some of you may remember my glasses from my second grade photo.

Well maybe enough people saw my blog post and now they are like a thing again.

Ok on Johnny Depp, but don’t try these at home.

2. Leather leggings.

I can see every bump of cellulite on either of your legs. Save your Catwoman outfit for halloween. Unless you’re playing Sandy in your high school’s rendition of Grease (my #4 dream role).

3. Side ponytails.

You would have thought we could have taken away one lesson fron the eighties/early 90’s. But no, they are back with a vengeance. Side braids however, more than acceptable, a la my gurl Katniss.

J.Lo looking like she came from a Full House dress rehearsal.

4. Acid-washed denim.

Really people. I’m so mad about it. My mom has a whole closet of this. She’s not allowed to wear them.

5. High-wasted pants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a high wasted pencil skirt. I have been know to tuck in my shirt from time to time. This by no means makes the high wasted pants or shorts (yes, even jorts) a modern style option.

First, you look like you have a pooch, a little hunk of chub right under your belly button. This is what celebrity baby rumors are made of. Second, you have a long mom butt. If you’re not familiar with that, try on a pair of high wasted pants sometime and turn around and look in the mirror. Please, for the love of sweet Baby Jesus, don’t buy them.

no, no, no

6. Short bangs.

Woof. This just ain’t cute, peeps. Nicki Minaj wrote a song about it, “Foreheads were meant to hiiiiide.” Maybe it was “Starships were meant to fllllly.” Who really knows?

I’m sorry if you’re reading this post too late and you already have too short bangs. Bobby pins? Headbands? Baseball hats?

Rosario, I love you, but no.

7. Cutouts

On dresses, swimsuits, anything. Trust me people, I can practically see the future. You telling your kid that you endorsed the fad, even though they were ugly in 2012. Maybe something tasteful around your shoulders, but let’s leave your love handles to the imagination.

The real question is how do you wear a bra with that?

Things we totally should bring back:


Saddle shoes

That’s all I can think of right now.


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