Three Tigers

21 Aug

Great news everyone- Will goes to Mizzou now! The third and final installation of the Whitney trilogy hit campus last Wednesday. Honestly, it was a long time coming. Both of my parents are alumni and they encouraged us to follow our dreams and pick any school we wanted, as long as it was in Columbia and founded in 1839.

Luckily, we all love Mizzou. Ok, I love Mizzou. I’m pretty sure Julie at least strongly likes Mizzou and the jury’s still out on Will. Give him at least one more week.

I’m so happy to share MU with Will (and Julie three years ago too). This fall means tailgates and class and hopefully some dinning hall meals for all three of us. We got our first taste at Tiger Walk on Sunday night. Please pretend not to notice Julie and I wearing matching shorts.

Just some tigers eating ice cream on the quad.

It’s going to be like good ole times! I’m 100% sure my parents are jealous of all the fun and togetherness ahead. They’ll be racing the minivan back west every chance they get. Would I be surprised if they both decided to pursue master’s and move back? No, not really. Good thing they have Zorro to keep them grounded and company.

“Don’t leave me for those kids, you never liked them anyways!” -Zorro

Cheers to a wonderful school year for all three of us and a solid start to empty nesting for our folks!

candids are not a Whitney strong suit

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