16 Aug

I’m not much of a romantic. I mean, I cry like a baby whenever I so much as think about The Notebook, but I’m not expecting a dozen roses and candlelight or anything on a date. But that wouldn’t be so bad now that I think of it.

The most romantic thing I have ever witnessed actually happened to my cousin Jen, not me. Jen is six years older than me and I’ve always looked up to her. This act of sheer love happened a little over ten years ago.

All of my relatives were at the Knights of Columbus for Jen’s high school graduation party. I was just 12, I could hardly imagine being in high school, let alone graduating from high school. She was so old, and much cooler.

Jen’s then boyfriend, David (not to be confused with her brother, also named David), played the guitar. Like all good parties, I think there was some karaoke and fruit salad.

That shirt is also Shameless.

At one point in the party David stopped everyone and serenaded Jen with Garth Brook’s “Shameless.” He played his heart out on the guitar and sang for the world to hear.

Literally, it was the most shameless thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He sang. About how much he loved her. In front of our whole family.

My little seventh grade head almost exploded watching that act of what I was convinced was love between two high school seniors. I thought it was the most wonderful thing that could happen to a girl.

So boys, if you really want to impress your lady pal, or at least her middle school cousin, learn to play the guitar. Bust out some old school Garth at her family events. You will probably totally embarrass her. That will certainly feel like the longest song of her life. Her family will be talking about it for the next decade.

Jen and David later broke up and I’m happy to report she’s now married to Jon. We really like him.

**Did you know Shameless was originally written by performed by Billy Joel?? I’ve only ever know the Garth version. If you really want to blow your mind, listen to them performing together. **


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