Olympics by the numbers

6 Aug

I know everyone is all about the medal count and breaking world records by tenths of a second. Now let’s take a minute and look at the REAL numbers thus far…

Times I’ve cried: Two, both during commercials.

Times I’ve teared up: Approximately 86.

Times I’ve done the splits alone in my family room to prove I still can:  Two.

Times I’ve watched while drinking Dark n Stormy’s with Brandon and Michelle: Two.

Times I’ve watched in Erin’s hotel room: One.

Times I made fun of Germany’s women’s gymnastics leotards: At least three. Those are ugly, people.

Times I’ve professed my love for the Flying Squirrel: I lost count.

Times the reaction from the parents ALMOST makes me cry: A million.

Times I get confused trying to read the schedule of events for TV: Seven. Seriously, is that in hieroglyphics?

Times the winners have been spoiled for me thanks to social media: Twelve.

Times I’ve thought about swimming laps last week: Four.

Times I actually swam laps last week: Zero.

Olympic t-shirts I own: One official one.

Times I squeal when I see Kate Middleton in the crowd:  EVERYTIME!


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