Now for a Q & A

30 Jul

Well since this blog has been a bit stale lately, I thought I’d take a few minutes to answer some questions from my loyal readership/fanbase. Thank you for sending these to me, I’m sure you are anxiously awaiting answers.*

1. Any good weddings lately? 

Well, thank you for asking! Two weekends ago I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. You all know that I live for weddings, specifically the dance floor. It was a blast! Lots of photos, Meat Loaf, dancing and delish cake. Here’s a cousin photo on the party trolley:

2. Why do you look so tan (in real life)? 

Why thanks for noticing, I spent all of last week on the boat at Table Rock Lake with my family. It was so relaxing and I got about as sunburnt as I could without being totally miserable.  It was refreshing to swim so much and hang with my cousins (and Baby Jordyn who might be the cutest and smartest child to ever swim in Table Rock). As always, there was some intense Catchphrase and Kings.

My Aunt Joan, the mother of the bride/party planner in the aforementioned wedding, brought down all of the snacks she forgot to set out at the wedding, so we ate pounds of popcorn, gummy bears and pretzels. Like, pounds.

3. How’s class? 

Over! Holleratchagirl! I finished. I think I’m pleased with my grade. How there are three weeks to blog and read and play to my heart’s content.

4. I heard you were in Texas, care to confirm that rumor?

Why yes! I flew down with my friend Dan to surprise Josh. It was really fun to see him to shocked and excited, well I interpreted that look as excitement. Anyways, we had a great weekend in Texas and caught up with a lot of our friends who live in Dallas.

I really love surprises. I love planning them. I love receiving them slightly less, but still a lot. That was totally my favorite part of the trip. He did not expect to see me, not even a little. We may have made a scene at the Ginger Man, but YOLO, right?

5. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love the #London2012 Olympics?

A MILLION BAZILLION. Heck, I’ll write a post about that later.

6. Are you still reading A Dance with Dragons?

Yes, get off my back about it.

7. What’s your favorite season?

Summer, without a doubt. I’m really excited to soak up the last three weeks of it now that most of my other commitments have boiled down! Now that the football schedule has been published and my mom got me some great olive pants from the GAP, I’m pretty excited for fall, too.

8. What do you miss most about St. Louis?

Easy, Zorro. I also miss seeing my family everyday. It was just like old times spending the weekend in STL and then the week at Table Rock. It was great to goof around and sing and dance around the cabin (Flo Rida’s Wild One was our fav last week).

I also miss snow cones. True, it’s not a St. Louis thing, but it’s really not a Columbia thing. We do have Trops, but that’s not the same.

*These questions may or may not have been partially or wholly made up by the blogger. But by all means, please submit your own! 


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