23 Jul

My dad is quite the gardener and every summer my family eats tons of fresh, home-grown veggies from the backyard. I turn my nose up at store-bought tomatoes because Dad’s rule.

The funny thing about my dad’s garden is when it rain, it pours. We’ll wait and watch the plants grown and then BOOM, we have buckets of tomatoes. Or peppers. Or cucumbers. Or kale. Or zucchini.

Whenever I go back to STL, I always take as much as I can with me because it’s free and, most importantly, DELICIOUS. Tomatoes are my favorite and my dad grows a variety, all a little different. This summer, I’ve been back and forth so much that I usually grab one huge zucchini a week. Slowly over the course of a week, I eat the whole thing. Last week I had 8 zucchini meals in 5 days. That’s a lot.

My mom grinds up zucchini and freezes it in baggies to add to her chili and other meals.  My parents also love to cook over the stove with garlic and olive oil. I’m not really a garlic person, but my parents think garlic is next to godliness. It’s totally great once in a while, but garlic-y zucchini every night just ain’t my cup of tea.

I have gotten creative, myself. Even though food pics really aren’t my thang, here’s a little tidbit from my kitchen to yours!

For lunch for a couple of days I sliced it into zucchini sticks and dipped it in guacamole ranch. The texture was good and much less crunch than a carrot.

My favorite way to eat zucchini is pan frying it with a touch of olive oil and pepper. Then after flipping it, adding tomatoes and cheese. Voila!

One more funny tidbit, as a child, I used to call my bikini my “zucchini.” I just thought you would want to know.

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