Losing Thrones steam

19 Jul

So as you may have noticed, I’m totes into Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire. I started the fifth book of the series, A Dance with Dragons, about a month ago.

The fourth book, A Feast for Crows, was pretty slow-moving. It followed some of my least favorite characters and seemed like a 1,000 page set up for some action. But the action never really came.

I started the fifth book and it’s moving at a better pace, but I’ve lost the will to read. What is my deal? While I’m reading it, I’m totally into it. I try to read a chapter or two each night (that’s why it’s taking for-ev-er) but I never seem to make time on weekends. I think I’m a little tired of school work and driving. There is some lake time in my future, so hopefully I can wrap that up!

But I can do it! Maybe I just need some cheesey Pinterest motivation….

Oh shoot, neither of those have anything to do with anything.


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