Birthday & Under the Sea Guacamole

28 Jun

What a week! Here’s my week in blog form:

Last weekend, I went to Dallas to visit Josh, Emily, Chase and Lily. We had a blast and I got to soak up some Texas sun. I also ate my weight in guacamole.

Here’s a cheese shop where we sampled chocolate and cheese! Together! It was delish, you should really try it.

Josh and I also poked around a little antique  shop when he ran into this:

Can you believe it? A Mizzou Ultimate frisbee? It was made by the team Josh played for in college. What are the chances of that? It was the best day of his life.

On Sunday night I flew into St. Louis and celebrated my birthday with my family. My mom made a delicious dinner and even got me a cookie cake! I took it back to Columbia and ate if for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here is it Monday morning:

There’s a little cookie with that icing!

Monday was my birthday! I got lots of Facebook posts and lots of mail, which I love. I also laid out in our bug-infested backyard and read some public health. Enjoy the self photo:

And yes, I always smile as I read.

A bunch of friends met me out for a dessert to celebrate 23!

Two other pieces of notable news…. my roomie Alexis just got a job!!! Wooo hooo! Get it guuurl!

News bit #2, I invented the most delicious thing ever. I was just listening to my heart (as I always do) and boom, this happened. I should give a little credit to my other roomie, Ashley who was an inspiration with a similar tuna dish. That’s right mom, I ate tuna!

So mix a can of tuna, an avocado and two spoonfuls of salsa in a Tupperware at midnight when you can’t sleep. Then put it in the fridge overnight. The next day, eat it for lunch with pita chips, tortilla chips, carrots, your fingers, whatever. It’s sooooo great. I think it’s probably decently healthy as well. Maybe I’ll name it Under the Sea Guacamole. It looks a little gross (it is made with canned tuna fish, people), but really, you have to try it!

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone! I know I will. This Saturday, I’m celebrating the wedding of the century and dancing my tail off.

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