Coffee, no gracias

18 Jun

Diva confession here: I don’t like coffee. I like tea, but only after it’s pretty much room temperature, same with most soups. I just can’t go coffee. It’s hot and tastes all gross. To be real, I try to stay away from caffeine in general because it makes me act like Flo from those annoying Progressive commercials (btw, is that ad campaign almost over yet??).

So I’m interviewing this doctor about a new type of shoulder surgery, as he comes into the conference room for an interview, he has two mugs of coffee. My frist thought is, “Boy he must be thirsty.”

The only coffee I could stomach.

He then offers me a mug of coffee as we shake hands. I politely say, “No thank you.” Then he awkwardly moves the mug away from me on the table.

What the heck?

I felt terrible. It was a nice gesture, no one’s ever done that to me before. But I just don’t like coffee. Should I have made myself drink some of it? Should I have pretended to drink it?

Should I just learn to like coffee in general? Oh but I hate coffee breath, almost as much as I hate smoker’s breath.

In most coffee situations I can bow out by getting a tea or a smoothie or a water, but not when he pours it for me. What’s a lady to do?


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