New shoes, new schedule, old read

13 Jun

Last night I went on a really great run. After my 100 miles in April, I’ve lost a little motivation to run as regularly. I went from daily in April, to 2 times a week in May, but now I’m back to 3-4 times a week which is where I want to stay. Yesterday I just wasn’t really feeling like it, but I decided to try out my new shoes.

I did a four mile, super hilly course around my house. I was nervous that the shoes might rub, but they felt nice compared to my old pair that I wore for almost two years. Even though I love to run, I just don’t get into the gear. I feel like my runs aren’t far/fast/serious enough to need expensive shoes. Someday when I need my knees replaced at age 35, I’ll be sorry. For now, the cheap stuff feels fine.

About halfway through, I realized I was actually having fun. Just me and some NPR podcasts kicking in my new sneaks.

The past two weeks have felt really full as I adjust to my “summer schedule” and my new class. So far the class is awesome. I like the online discussion, although the actual discussion board is a little clunky. It’s making me think more and I can feel my brain growing. Just kidding, but I am learning.

Grad school is a fancy word for “We’re going to tell you what to read.” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to read like Kate Middleton loves classic pumps, but I don’t really love being told what to do. Blame it on my oldest child need to be the boss complex or my free spirit. It just seems my own summer reading list has been cast aside for text-book stuff and poorly scanned PDF’s. #gradschoolproblems

After I finish as much of my class as I can for the night, I make sure to read something for fun too. I just finished F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  It was a high school lit book, and I remember loving it.  Before the new movie comes out this summer, I wanted to reread it.

It was a good as I remembered it and really the perfect summer book. You know how everyone watches Christmas movies in the winter and you feel all in the Christmas spirit? I think we should all respect summer movies and books too. I mean, what makes you feel more ready for sunshine than reading about the beach. I think I relate better to sweaty characters when I’m actually sweating.

Well Gatsby is the perfect summer book. You should reread it too and then we can see the movie together? Ok, cool.


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