Pencil you in

4 Jun

What is so beautiful about plans that make me happier than a new-born baby seeing a mirror for the first time? I do not know, but I just love making events on my calendar and then admiring it for being so robust and full of fun (and some less-fun) things to do.

Nothing scares me more than overlapping events. I hate hate hate having to be in two places at once, bouncing back and forth or the ever-dreaded leave early from one thing to arrive late at another event. Seriously, the only things that scare me more are heights and roller derby ladies.

Too much is just too much. There are days that I know I need to say no, but it’s too late. Or it’s too important. Sure, everyone, I can make it to part of everything.

In the most perfect world, all things would happen on different days so I could mentally and physically be at every place I want. There is also an accomplished feeling following really busy days. Those days where absolutely nothing and no one can be running behind in order to do it all. You go from one event, meeting, lunch date to the next with the exact amount of time to walk or find a parking spot. Oh those days are rare and glorious.

Free time and unplanned time is not bad by any means. It’s nice to know that I have a few things I need to get done, but nothing too urgent. Free days also mean there’s always time for a craft. It’s like that time I won a Yard-O-Beef at Alley Bar, I had no idea what I was getting, but I was ecstatic with the results.

All this talk of plans and busy schedules leads me to my big announcement:

As of today, I am a grad student in the MU School of Public Health. Last night marked the last episode of Game of Thrones for the season, so I figured, may as well get a new hobby- education it is!

Actually, it was a thought I’d been considering pretty silently for a while now. Finally, I made a choice and now I’m back to frat parties, bump its, nights of binge drinking and stealing notes from strangers. That really was not my college experience at all. I will be reading a lot more school things and less about dragons (but still a little about dragons), and probably just be a little busier in general.

Last week I laid out my schedule for the summer with Pilates, volunteering, my pathetic softball career and the 60 (ok, only 4) weddings I have this summer. I’m ready for a little bit of a schedule and pool time.

I don’t know if this big change will mean more homework and less time to blog. Maybe I’ll have so many worldly thoughts that I’ll blog even more often, we shall see. You always make time for what’s important:)


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