Suggestions for naming your child

28 May

This post is for parents future and present, I am not a parent, but I thought I could offer you a little insight.

Yesterday I attended my younger brother’s high school graduation. It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so proud of all his accomplishments, but let’s get to the beef. I sat through a list of 270 names. After about 15, I got to thinking, “Maybe parents need a little more direction in naming their children. Thank goodness I have a blog so I can write about these things.” Don’t worry, I didn’t miss Will’s big moment, he’s a W, so I had a lot of time to wait.

Here is some advice for future parents from a young woman who’s sat through a couple of graduations in her day. Also, Will went to an all boys school, but I’m sure these rule will translate nicely to your baby girls too.

1. Everyone gets three names, a first, a middle and a last. Some kids had four names, that really adds precious minutes to long ceremonies like graduation. Please, be considerate.

2. Weird middle names are embarrassing to read at graduation. Double check with trusted relatives and read your child’s name aloud into a microphone a few times before signing that birth certificate. Eagle? Really.

3. If you happen to have a cool last name, don’t hesitate in naming your child after a famous person. It really livens up the ceremony for the audience. Will graduated with John Fogerty and Paul Simon. Definitely gems in the name-reading part of the ceremony. I graduated with Rosie O’Donnell.

4. If possible, give your child a long name and call them by a nick name. I love guessing if James is a Jim or Jimmy or if Robert is a Rob, Robbie, Bob or Bobby. It’s the little things.

5. Initials are great, they leave me guessing. Is John P. Schmidt John Patrick or John Peter. I’ll never know. I guess that instruction is more for the graduate who decides what is on the diploma.

6. If you can manage a Jr. or, even better a III, you win.

Also, I want to take a moment to thank the brave men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces. Thank you all for you service to America. Happy Memorial Day!


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