Sew Shannon

23 May

Ok everyone, I’ve had a spike in viewership (readership? I have no idea if you’re actually reading this) lately. I don’t think it’s my dad refreshing the page and checking from different IP addresses, but we can never be sure. I think now is a great time to pitch my idea for a reality/game show in case some hollywood producer is reading this and wants to make it a reality.

It’s called “Sew Shannon” and I am the star. I’m learning to sew and I take on semi-basic projects. Sometimes I find them on Pinterest and sometimes I just make things up in my head.

On Monday I came home from work and was telling my roommates and Erin, who is a doll this week because she’s staying with us, about how I was going to make a dress. I tried to explain it, but clearly they were not seeing my vision. I got two tshirts and laid then out on the floor to demonstrate, but my audience was still skeptical.

Next, I tried to explain another tshirt makeover I wanted to sew. I know, I was really stuck on tshirts that day but I seriously have a bazillion of them. By this point they were laughing at me and comparing me to Josh. If you know Josh, he is a very long-winded story-teller and explainer. He’s very technical and wants to know how everything works and relay that all to you. Yes, sometimes it is unnecessary, but it’s for thoroughness sake.

Erin was really giving me trouble about my terrible explanation, so I said, “Lemme just do it, real quick.” Ten minutes later, I had this:

That’s when “Sew Shannon” was born. Before I begin sewing in front of a live audience, the host, Erin, will ask everyone to vote using the keypad in the arm of your chair. Audience members will place bets if it will take longer to explain what I’m going to make or actually make it.  The people who were right will walk away with a prize, like free soft serve from McDonald’s or something else equally as great.

Maybe the second season could be the same premise except me cooking new things instead of sewing. So any producers reading this, I’m prepared to film a few preliminary  episodes this summer to test the waters. I will bring my own sewing machine!

In other crafting news, I made a beach bag with/for my friend Brandon on Friday that turned out nicely. I’ll post a pic soon. A few weeks ago I made a rug for my friends who are getting married, I can post photos of that later also. Oh heck, I promise a whole craft post in the near future. No directions, because I usually make stuff up as I go (I cook and craft with my heart) and my explanations are too Josh-y. I just found out today that my “craft” for next fall will be grad school!!


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