Dear Mexican Food,

21 May

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that I love you very much. You are my favorite ethnic food group and probably my overall favorite food group (don’t tell Chocolate, she’ll get upset).

Our paths cross as often as possible without me getting diabetes. You are the reason I have learned to love to run and the reason I can cook.

You fuel my cheese needs. Taking me out to mexican is like taking a recovering alcoholic as your plus one to a wedding reception with an open bar. It’d just be a waste not to have a little.  Thanks for offering guacamole salad on the side, which is not like real salad at all, but it’s ok.

A special thanks to rice and beans. I know I usually only manage a bite or two before I get so full I need a belly rub, but thank you for your support.

The six ingredients you use over and over prove there is not wrong way to combine ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, tortillas, refried beans and hot sauce. They are all equally divine. Luckily, these are all things I can cook.

Chips and salsa are the most perfect appetizer of all time. Actually, they can be a meal on their own too, isn’t that beautiful?

Samesies with margaritas. They are delicious and deadly. The salt on the rim compliments my enchilada ranchera so nicely.

My perfect fantasy is eating Mexican and drinking margs with Amy Pohler and Beyonce before hitting the dance floor.

Til Niagara Falls,



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