Almost famous!

18 May

Do you ever have a little bit of a dumpy day? You know, it’s beautiful and warm outside but you’re stuck at your desk, finishing off a slow work week? No big plans for the weekend, just some relaxing and house work ahead.

Then you’re reading one of your favorite blogs, and BOOM. You get a shout out! And a link! And some pretty big traffic!

In case you were wondering, I’m totally having one of those days.

If you don’t already follow Caitlin’s blog called Healthy Tipping Point, you need to add it to your reader. She’s a young, athletic, healthy and very pregnant woman. She also has many a book published and started Operation Beautiful. She  writes daily about what she’s cooking, her fitness goals and her life in general. Since I read her blog, I feel like we are best friends (she linked to my blog and therefore read it, so maybe she feels the same).

Yesterday she posted a question from a reader about holding yourself accountable to work out on the regular without spending a lot of money. She shared some of her ideas and asked other readers for tips and tricks.

I shared my 100 miles in April challenge and left a link to my blog. Lots of other people commented and shared some great ideas for maps, websites and plans to stay motivated.

Today Cailtin posted some of her favorite ideas and guess who she mentioned?????

I could have peed my pants when I was nonchalantly reading the post and saw my own addition! And she thinks I’m amazing! So step aside for the movie star, coming right through.

Honestly, I am so thrilled she liked my idea and posted a link to my blog. This is a little bit similar to a dream senario where Beyonce compliments my dancing. Also, I’m getting a lot of blog traffic! Hollaatchagirl!

So thanks a million Caitlin, for writing a great blog, letting me be your internet best friend and posting my response on your blog!


One Response to “Almost famous!”

  1. Caitlin Boyle (@CaitlinHTP) May 22, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 And yes, I feel VERY PREGNANT right now. LOL

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