Shannon’s Confesions

16 May

(please open up this in another browser window and let it play as you read this)

1. I try to be a nice person, but sometimes a sister has to unload. Then I do. Then I feel super bad for a little while for talking so much $hit.

2. I love lotion and qtips in my ears. I use both often.

3. About once a month I double book and accidentally try to do two things at once. It’s the worst.

4. My bad days keep the little drug store next door to my office in business. All candy bars are 75 cents!

5. I want to learn this whole dance.

6. I think Facebook should make it harder to upload your crappy cell phone pics. It should definitely not let you make it your profile picture. Thanks for that grainy, blury photo of you in a bathroom mirror. C’mon people, step up your game.

7. I really like staying in hotels.

8. My feet are disgusting. Between blisters from the reintroduction of sandals to my wardrobe and running callouses, I look like I’ve walked miles through a briar patch. Seriously, sick.

9. I cannot stand middle parts. The only people who look ok with them are the Kardashians.

10. Greek yogurt is not my thing. I know John Stamos is the spokesman, but I just can’t get on board.

11. The Big Bang Theory does not make me laugh. It’s picking on nerds and poor stereotypes. It also has a laugh track.

12. Do people still use yahoo mail?

13. I cannot wait to swim in a lake on a really hot day. I’m seriously counting down the days.

14. Kate Chizek, I’m coming for you this summer!

15. I have four weddings on my calendar between June 30 and August 18.

That’s all for now. More to come this week and weekend.


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