Break from the weekends

15 May

For the past three weekends, I’ve driven back to the homeland (St. Louis) for one thing or another. I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with my family, which has been great, as well as catch up with friends. I’ve enjoyed all of it, but now I just feel exhausted.

I know St. Louis is a pathetic two hours away, but poor lil Aida (my car) is tired of I-70 and I’m tired of all of the Top 40 stations and most contemporary country music. Thank goodness for Pop 2K on XM radio and This American Life. Friday is always the hardest, after working all day, it’s a struggle to not fall asleep at the wheel. Once I get back to St. Louis, all I want to do is lay on the couch and show my parents funny YouTube videos. I know I need to stop being a big ole baby about it, a lot of people can’t see their family so easily.

Also, this weekend was sandwiched by a work 5K on Thursday night and my work’s golf tournament on Monday, so there were long-hours and extra things going on all week.

But I’m done complaining. I had a really great weekend in St. Louis!  Turns out my whole family loves Call Me Maybe, so that’s big news.

I saw all of my cousins, minus two on Saturday night and Sunday. It was nice to get the gang back together again, and you better believe that we took a group photo.

Saturday night I also caught up with some of my high school friends: Emily, Kristen and Dan. I was a little tired but I really wanted to see them and I’m glad I did. We did not stop laughing the whole time.

I forgot to mention on Friday, I took some glamor shots with my sister and roommates on the MU campus. Here’s a little teaser from the shoot.

Of course the Dolls had a jean jacket photo shoot.

After such a fun-filled weekend, I’m pooped. I think I need a break form my days off to recover before starting a new work week. Or maybe I just need a vacation.


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