This one’s for the moms

13 May

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there. It’s your special day, so I hope you get some peace and quiet. That’s what my mom asked for on every birthday and mothers day. I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate someone very special in my post today: my mom!

If you don’t know my mom, it’s probably easiest to paint the picture of her as the ultimate mom. If she drank coffee, I’d get her a #1 MOM mug, but she know’s coffee’s bad for you. She drives a minivan, cuts coupons, walks the dog and sometimes still wears mom jeans. She was at all of my sports games, dance recitals and school assemblies taking pictures like an AP photog. She loves ABBA and Katy Perry and  The Big Bang Theory (against my better judgement). She’s danced with me at a Backstreet Boys concert and grounded me for breaking curfew.

In third grade she walked all over the neighborhood with me so I could sell 100 boxes of girl scout cookies and earn a great prize of drumroll… a toiletries set. The whole time I’m sure she knew that we could have purchased one at the dollar store, but she still supported my business endeavors. She really is the best.

My mom is a part-time nurse and has shown me the importance of work/life balance. We used to ask her if she was working tomorrow and she would always say, “I’m a mom, I work everyday.”  She really does. She likes working at the hospital and I think she’s a great nurse, but she’s more in her element when she’s helping with homework, cooking dinner and watching Oprah all at the same time.  I never felt like she didn’t have time to help me with whatever I was working on in school. Through college her and my dad often drove two hours to watch an awards ceremony or go to a football game with me and my siblings.

Besides being #1 and a nurse, my mom has a lot of “extracurriculars” or whatever you call them. She volunteers as a librarian, lunch lady and recess mom even though all of her kids are done with grade school. When I was younger she sold entertainment books and organized book fairs. While we were in high school she helped with mailings, set up auctions and anything else. She was and is my role model for involvement.

Loving that purple dress!

Mom sometimes says, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” She of course knew this from direct experience. She always has a full plate. As her daughter, I also got to be involved with her, like that time I was “volunteered” to dress up as Mrs. Frizzle and greet people after church saying, “Book fair today, book fair right this way.”

One invaluable life skill my mom has gifted me and my siblings with is cooking. She’s an adventurous, healthy cook. She’s always ripping recipes out of the newspaper and magazines and sometimes she even uses them! Cooking is a family process for us, so everyone helps, whether it’s stirring the chili, peeling carrots, washing salad or pouring drinks. Thanks to her I can cook some things and I’m not afraid to try to cook other things.

Something that might surprise you about my mom is how much cookie dough and brownie batter she eats. If you’ve met her you’ve noticed she’s 5’1″ and weighs 105lbs soaking wet. Naturally petite with surprisingly muscular arms (and happily married to my father, thank you), she’s a small person, but when we make cookies, we only end up with 3/4 of the recipe’s yield. It’s because we all love cookie dough, mom leading the charge, licking the beater.

Most of the rest of the time she’s super healthy. Remember this is a lady who loves kale and flax (I bet some of you don’t know what either of those are, Google them). We eat lean meat and drink skim milk, but if there is chocolate involved you better believe my mom will be there and maybe even on time! She’s all about moderation. Eat healthy most of the time, and indulge as a treat.

Mom is the ultimate vacationer. Her and my dad took us to a lot of cool places on family vacations. All of them are documented in thousands of photos which can be found in the Whitney family archives (the basement). My mom’s vacation speed can be compared to a person gathering all of their worldly belongings as their home is set on fire mixed with a boot camp drill Sargent with a hint of  Anne Geddes (we take a lot of photos). Even though we don’t sit down or relax too much, we do see and do everything possible in that destination. I’m grateful for all of those memories, and yes, all of those pictures.

Probably the coolest and most terrifying thing about my mom is that she is slowly turning into her mother, my Grandma Rose. As much as I think my mom is the perfect mom, my grandma is the perfect grandma. This means that she is going to be an awesome grandma someday. It also means that I am someday going to morph into my mom and then my grandma. Look out coupons, here I come!

Also a holler to some of my other favorite moms out there: Beyonce, Amy Pohler, Michelle Obama, Abby O’Neil, Heidi Klum and Kourtney Kardashian.

On vacation in Florida!


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