Game of Thrones: Book vs.TV

10 May

Oh hey readers, as you know I’ve become quite the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire fan. I’m (slowly) working through the fourth book of the series A Feast for Crows and watching the second season each Sunday night. I feel a little nerdy, but many of my friends are equally excited about the books and the movies. Also, Beyonce and Baby Blue watch the TV show, so I know I’m in good company.

To be real, I’m not trying to be a snarky reader in this post. I am a firm believer that you should read the book before the movie or the show, but listen to your heart. Everyone is different, I’m a book worshiper.

It’s funny to hear some of my friend’s reactions to the TV show without any of the reading. They have a different view of the characters because they are missing the inner dialogue and some of the smaller, character-building moments you can only get from reading a thousand page book.

Daaaaaad, I found a direwolf puppy, can I keep him? Pleeeeeeease?

Each week a group of us go to Stef and Alex’s to eat dinner and watch together. About half have read the book so we’re pretty invested. We get mad when they deviate from George RR’s masterpiece. A lot of times I whisper to Josh, “That didn’t happen in the book, did it?”

One of the biggest things the show has done is simplify the characters. The series has over 1000 different people. For time and money and confused viewer’s sake, the show is able to skip certain parts and take out some characters all together. Convenient, I guess.

I couldn’t possibly write this post without tipping my hat to the elephant in the room: boobs. The TV show has a lot a lot a lot of nudity and a lot of dozing it. Well, so does the book. I think the ratio of raunchy scenes to general scenes in the TV show is maybe 1:15 in the book it’s probably closer to 1:50.

In the book, George RR loves to describe all the food at the feasts. Literally, I know about every blood sausage every person eats, ever. I think food does not get a lot of love in the show. I’m not mad about it, just saying.

Some of the actors were so perfectly cast that I can’t even use my imagination on them anymore: Cersi, Jon Snow (ha makes uggs look gooood), the Hound and Arya. Some of them are less close. The Wall is definitely different than I pictured it, in my head it wasn’t as big.

The biggest perk of the show is the theme/intro. I wish that would play every time I opened the book.

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