The Erins

8 May

This weekend I went back to St. Louie to meet up with my two best friends named Erin (and Brandon and Mark). You might think it’s confusing having two people named Erin be friends with you and with each other and you’re absolutely right. Luckily they have pretty different personalities so by the time I’m halfway through telling a story about one of them my audience has figured out which Erin I’m talking about via context clues.

Erin O’Neil lives in St. Louis, although she’s from Chicago. She is a college advisor at a high school, a Girls on the Run coach and recently added ‘Wedding Planner” to her titles because she’s ENGAGED! Erin is the best listener on the planet and wears a lot of polka dots and patterns. I see her pretty often because we are geographically close and convenient.

Erin Junkel is living the city life in Chicago although she’s from St. Louis. She works for a PR firm and lives in a studio apartment. She also has very beautiful and memorable red hair and a karaoke voice to bring the boys to the yard. I don’t see her often, but we do share in Ecard Fridays.

Our frist trip to Chicago!

During college, I shared so many memories with both Erins: tours, decorating all kinds of things, fro-yo, trops, Harpos, Personal Financial Planning, watching Titanic II, 21st birthdays, road trips and a million other things. The three of us got thisclose during junior year when we spent many a weekend night at the 301.

We hadn’t been all together since New Years Eve, which was the bomb. On Saturday we sat by the pool and caught up and then went out for mexican and margs (it was Cinco de Mayo, after all). It was so refreshing to remember what it felt like to be us three again. We laugh a lot and know most of the same people .

Later that night I realized why we were able to pick up where we left off. Over the past year, we had grown a lot. We became independent, we got jobs, we learned how to live away from the tour team office and the student center. All three of us loved college, I mean we got pretty good at it. We love the memories we have and more importantly the friends we made. Somehow all three of us have grown at the same pace and can still get back together like old times.

This is confusing, Erin O sporting Erin J’s hair. Don’t look at it for too long.

It’s been different talking with other friends who complain about how hard it is after college and how much they want to go back. Some of my graduated friends have been out a year or two and tell the current students to never leave and how hard things are on the other side. I always laugh and say it’s not that bad, because, well, it isn’t. It’s different and kinda scary at first, but doable. I miss a lot of college-y things, but I also love how much time I have to read and run and the consistency of a job.

We all agreed that we loved it, but as great as it was, we love or are learning to love life now. I’m so happy that we can share that and everything else.

NYE 2012!


2 Responses to “The Erins”

  1. Abby ONeil May 9, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    I love all your posts … but I think I might love this one the most. wonder why?

    • smwhitney May 9, 2012 at 11:44 am #

      I have a feeling you love the featured content:) See you on Saturday!

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