Cooking with my heart

7 May

Just lil ol me whipping up some christmas cookies!

One of the facets I’ve settled into most about adult life is cooking, you know, like dinner or breakfast. Since I no longer have homework or tests to study for or eight zillion meetings, I have some time in the evenings to prepare a real meal. I’ve always tried to be healthy and stay away from pre-prepared things that you can throw in the microwave. Now I have time for more than just quesadillas and scrambled eggs, although those are two of my favorites.

I also feel less bad about spending more at the grocery store because I have the income to spend on things like fruits and vegetables and whole wheat crackers. Towards the end of college I bought that stuff anyways. It’s your body people, ramen noodles are not nice.

Chicken is really my go to, ask Josh. He cooks and eats with me all the time. Whenever I ask him what we should make, he always says, “something mexican” or “chicken.” That’s usually what we do.

I can’t say I’ve really been bitten by the baking bug though. I know cup cakes are super trendy and there are 60 million flavors and cool icing techniques that no one can actually make look good.

First off, I don’t have a mixer and a lot of baking involves a mixer.

Secondly and most importantly, I cook with my heart. I don’t dig recipes. I just put things together that look good and cook them until they look finished. This seems to be working pretty well, ask Josh.

One time we even followed his heart and grilled carrot sticks, which was not terrible. Most of the time he just lets me follow my heart while he dances to “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” and makes sure the chicken isn’t burning on the stove.

Cooking with my heart is not hard. I have a few go to spices and chicken. Then I just wing it with veggies or rice or noodles or teriyaki marinade. Oh and tons of cheese. It all turns out fine because I like all the ingredients. Also, my mom always included us in the cooking, so I sorta know what to do.

Here and there I actually use a recipe, but usually amend it to include ingredients I actually have.

But while baking, you pretty much have to follow a recipe. Too much or to little of something will ruin your cookies. There is no room for my heart in baking, although there is plenty of room in my heart for baked goods.

Thirdly, baked goods are misleading and should consider changing their names to baked not so goods, because let’s be real, these are not very healthy. I like watching what goes into my meals and making things from raw ingredients as opposed to meals out of boxes.

Sometimes I get bold and pin recipes that look delicious. Usually I just try to recreate them based on the photo, not by opening up the link and reading the directions. Surprisingly, they turn out decent.

It cracks me up when people say they can’t cook. Most coking is just following directions (recipes) or putting things you like together (listening to your heart). It’s not like repairing a carburetor, which I really do not know how to do.


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