100 Miles in a Month, April to be exact

26 Apr

So I’ve been working on a challenge all month, but I’ve been hesistant to publish it because I wasn’t sure if I could actually do it. I really hate being a disappointment, almost as much as I hate potatoes (and that’s a lot). Now that the finish line is in sight, the time has come for me to be honest with my humble, yet loyal audience.

My month of April has been spent running. My goal was to run 100 miles during the month. Let’s be clear, they are not the fastest nor the prettiest 100 miles.

If you just did the math in your head, it comes out to a little over three miles each day. Doable, right? Yes, unless you ever take a day off for rain or being busy or whatever.

I’ve ran at least three miles everyday, though now four mile days are the regular. The numbers are really motivating me. I like writing my day’s work on the calendar.

Over the course of the month, my runing has definately improved. I’m a little more consistent with my time (about a nine minute mile) and my body hurts less and less. It feels less like a chore and more like therapy. The music on my ipod is getting a little stale, so I’m open to suggestions!

I really think running is a disease. I like it more and more. Heck, I did an eight mile run last weekend. That’s nuts for me. During March, I ran two to three miles a few times a week, so I was prepared a little.

I feel like I have the disease when I get in the zone and smile at other runners on the trail. I want to high-five them, but I think that might be weird. It just feels like I belong to this awesome athletic community.

On that eight miler, around mile five or six I started tell myself jokes that I made up. I am not joking. It was weird and they weren’t funny at all, but running Shannon was cracking up.

Some people say running is a drug. Well, I have never tried drugs, but if drugs are anything like a sweaty run, I’m not interested. I’d rather eat ice cream or watch RENT, again. I do feel a little addicted to it, but then again I think I am also dependent on my Google Reader to an unhealthy point.

So what am I going to do when I reach 100? Well I’m 18 miles away and I do not know yet. Maybe some new running shoes?


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