Search terms 2.0

24 Apr

I’ve blogged once before about the crazy search terms people are using to find me. Well, they just keep coming, so I figured it’s time for the second installment. For your reading pleasure.

african baby meme- How do these people find me??

my bf didn’t choose me as maid of honor meme- I don’t have this problem and by the way, I want to see this meme. Have I even mentioned weddings? No, but maybe it’s a subject that needs some attention at

in 20 years i will be- Well shoot if I know. I wish I ran this website. This is not however (totally) dedicated to John Stamos.

dreamcrusher- Yesssssssss! I’m making this famous!

john stamos belly button- I have never mentioned belly buttons in the history of my blog.

about me quotes- Prepare to be disappointed

rex kwon do wife- This has been a while, but it is a very obscure reference. Not a popular topic on the blogosphere.

sean from boy meets world- Somebody was cruising the internet looking for hotties.

“branson”- Glad someone found my expertise.

“silver dollar city”- Probably the same person as above.

flowbee- Thanks for this, Josh. Who knew people were researching how to cut their own hair?

game of throne- Ahhh my favorite right now!

dollhouse castle glitter- When Ashley, Alexis and I start a girl band (a la Spice Girls), this will be our first hit single.

guy in bar- Sorry if you were expecting a punch line.

you know nothing jon snow- This makes me incredibly happy!!

I hope you found everything you were looking for on this blog.


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