Reasons I want to get discovered by Ellen DeGeneres

23 Apr

1. If you’ve never met Sophia Grace and Rosie, I don’t know where you’ve been. These cuties had a video on YouTube and Ellen found them and made them superstars with repeat appearances on her show and at awards shows. They also serve as a reminder to all parents to culture your children in pop culture. If Ellen can do that for them, imagine what she could do for me.

2. Ellen dances. Can you picture me dancing out on to her stage and sitting in her mod square furniture? I can. She also has her own DJ. I wish I had a DJ.

3. Ellen asks great questions. She’s very upfront when asking if celebrities are dating other celebrities and other personal information. I appreciate a journalist who makes celebrities feel uncomfortable. I’m not really sure what she’d ask me about, but I’m sure it would be what everyone is dying to know.

4. Lots of Ellen’s guests get tricks and surprises. If there are two things I love, it’s tricks and surprises! Here’s her in Titanic 3D. Funny stuff, people.

5. People love Ellen. She’s funny and real and she shops at J.C. Penny’s, who wouldn’t love her?

6. Ellen puts her shows on YouTube so we can all share in the laughs. Us working women can’t watch during the day and us ladies too cheap for DVR rush home after work and watch Ellen on YouTube. Ok, maybe not everyday, but I do watch a lot of her interviews on YouTube.

I really hope who ever monitors Ellen’s social media sees this and emails me! ( I just know we’d be besties!


One Response to “Reasons I want to get discovered by Ellen DeGeneres”

  1. Jehla davis July 12, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    Please discover me I’m a really good singer:)

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