TMI: A Love/Hate Relationship

12 Apr

With the eruption of social media and the internet on to the lush green landscape I call my life, I can confidently say I know more than my parents’ generation and my grandparents’ generation. I’m not talking about practical knowledge, not at all. They definitely know more useful things like how to bake bread and how to use a weed whacker. I mean, I’m sure I could learn but bread is cheap and I rent. What I’m talking about is knowing things about people.

Thanks to the Facebook, Twitter and every other social media, people live out loud, myself included. We talk about what we’re making or ordering in for dinner, we rant about our coworkers’ stinky food, we tell our moms happy mother’s day with a charming status and we complain about every workout, poor customer relations experience and episode of TV we meet. I really think I could tell you what TV shows almost all of my friends watch. Can my parents do that? No, absolutely not. Do they want to? No, they are busy respectable people too busy watching the Big Bang Theory, but don’t get me started on my feelings about that show.

So yeah, usually people are a little too open on social media and most people don’t care that you ran out of Lucky Charms this morning. Sometimes people really do care. Is there anything I love more than a silly photo of your cat?

Some of the biggest violators of TMI on pregnant women. Boy do I love it, really. First let’s clear the air, I am not pregnant. I would like to stay not pregnant for quite a while, but someday when I get my life together (and finish all my laser hair treatments and learn to quilt and have adult things like a garage and my own health care), I would like to have kids.

In the meantime, I would love nothing more than to read about your experience of gaining 30ish pounds and brining a little baby human to gestation. I think having a baby is the craziest miracle of all time. One day you’re hanging out, eating doritios going for runs in the park, then you’re harboring a small, growing child in you, then you have a real baby and you get to take it home. At least that’s how I understand the process of reproduction.

For someone who loves babies and is fascinated by weird stuff like that, I love me a good pregnancy status or tweet. I’m sure a lot of people are grossed out or think it’s an over share, because it is, but I want to know what you are craving. Please tell me how bad your feet hurt. Let’s talk about the best place to buy maternity clothes, because I really don’t know.

It’s crazy what some people write. When I binge eat, I am totally not proud of it. I don’t want anyone to know what happened to the half of a bag of chocolate chips I was going to “use for baking.” Pregnant ladies are the opposite. They eat like sumo wrestlers and then justify it by saying, “She/he (in reference to their fetus) really loves banana laffy taffy!” I’ve also seen pictures of positive pregnancy tests, that’s a special moment that I’m not sure you needed to share with the world, but ok.

Besides nosey people like me, isn’t it probably great for preggo women to have a community to share and discuss this period of your life where your body just goes nuts? I think that’s cool. And I’m so nosey.

So if you can’t offer me pregnancy updates, can you at least show me funny photos of you cat/dog/baby? Those are my other favorite things to read.

Look at me. I'm a pregnant lady eating.

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