No longer the intern

11 Apr

This week I met a journalism student who is going to do some intern projects for my office. She’s doing some photos and social media and stuff. She graduates in May. Who does she sound like?? Me from last year!

It was weird being on the other side of the table from her.

I looked around the conference room and remembered seeing it for the first time, my first impressions of people who became my coworkers and how I felt asking to do some work for free in the name of experience. In one short year, so much has changed.

That little taste and the connections I fostered, led me to my current job, which has been a perfect fit for me. I went from knowing no one and hardly anything about healthcare to feeling comfortable in a hospital of 2000 employees and being able to talk a little bit about the organization of a hospital. What a year.

This time last year I had two job offers on the table and I chose the hospital and never looked back. The advice from my uncle, friends and family and trusting my gut made all the difference in the world, at least to my everyday life.

Whenever I’m facing a seemingly life-changing decision (I say “seemingly” because I laugh about a lot of them in retrospect), I talk about my issue to anyone I trust and everyone who will listen. I find myself selling one side over the other which helps me decide which option I want. Erin is really good at listening to me and then saying, “It sounds like you want lalala.” Sometimes the problem is I’m not listening to myself. Also, I over rationalize, especially when both options are good options and I need to pick the better one.

After it’s over, I can look in the rear view mirror and assure myself that the choice I made was right. Either I should trust myself more because I make good decisions or I have learned to love the choices I make. Maybe a little bit of both.

This week it was eerie to see a young lady in my shoes and think about where I am and the decisions that brought me here. I was caught between two offers that would have both been good fits for my skills and my personality. I am so happy with my decision and the career I’ve begun. it makes me think of my infamous Summer Welcome vs. government internship decision of 2009. I picked SW and loved every second. Would I have also enjoyed the other internship? Maybe, but my summer and my entire MU experience would not have been the same. I think the same of my job situation.

My official one year anniversary is June 6, you can expect a celebratory blog post.

One Response to “No longer the intern”

  1. Abby Lucas ONeil April 11, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    I bet they were really cute shoes, too.

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