March Photos, the final installation

5 Apr

So I did it, I took a photo every day of March, save one. (Please excuse March 26) I’m not sure if I learned very much, except that I do love shamrock shakes. Also, maybe I’ll ask Santa for a new camera someday.

I finished off March with a trip to New Orleans with some friends. We had a ball driving and doing touristy things together. It was my first trip to NOLA, what a cool city! Also, a very dirty city. Please look forward to a post of its own soon.

I’m starting a new challenge in April, but give me a week or so to make sure it’s realistic before I publish it for the world to see and then fail miserably.

March 27- This is from the Binnett Conservation area north of Columbia. Also, this is where I jumped into a very cold lake.

March 28- Boone in Bloom!

March 29- This sums up our day perfectly. We drove and slept so much we didn't know which way was up when we reached Vicksburg, LA.

March 30- The whole gang in front of St. Louis Cathedral. Thanks to the friendly Canadians who took this picture!

March 31- Here's a taste of all of the delicious food we ate. Starring Lily and grits and greens.


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