PSA: Easter Candy is DELICIOUS

30 Mar

Everyone, I have something important to say: I LOVE CANDY, specifically EASTER CANDY. I love Halloween because I like dressing up, but Easter’s candy is truly the best. Jelly beans, chocolate rabbits, Cadbury Creme Eggs, those little chocolate eggs and I can’t forget the Peeps. Judge me, I love Peeps.

It’s all beautifully colored and shaped like little tiny eggs, bunnies and ducks. Both fruity candy and chocolate-y candy gets equal face time, unlike Halloween when chocolate really steals the show or Christmas when they let little sister peppermint have the spotlight for a hot minute. Is it just me or do Reeses Peanut Butter Cups taste better as eggs?

As a Catholic, my family members would all give up something for Lent. I tried to give up potatoes every year because I don’t like potatoes. Judge me, I don’t like potatoes, even mashed potatoes. My mom always gave up candy, so that was a pretty natural choice for the rest of us as well. Some years I gave up soda. One year I even gave up all chocolate. That was a struggle.

The idea that I couldn’t eat candy for a long time and then the Easter Bunny just shows up at my door with a basket full of sweetness makes me go into a mini sugar comma just thinking about it. Easter breakfast is always chocolate eggs and Easter cookies (we’re a very health conscious family most of the rest of the year). It truly is a time to celebrate Jesus’s rising from the dead with a candy binge and the reintroduction of sundresses and white shoes to our wardrobes.

This year I didn’t give up anything, but I did promise to be nicer. I’m not sure if that worked or not. I think I’ll probably keep that up after Lent, you know, for kicks.

It’s just a week away! I cannot wait to wear my new dress that conveniently has an elastic waistband so I can eat jelly beans until I explode. If your grandma gives you Peeps and you hate them, instead of blowing them up in the microwave, poke a few holes in the packaging so they get a day or two stale and send ’em my way!

The only thing better than Easter Candy is a few days after Easter when it’s all 75% off. Usually by this time my hands are shaking so bad and my teeth are almost completely rotten, but of course I could use another box a Peeps. Or two.


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