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25 Mar

Can you believe March is almost done? I feel like I’m still recovering from February and April will be here at the end of the week. April means Game of Thrones will begin it’s second season(!) and this photo a day thing will be over. I think it’s time for a new challenge, but more on that in April.

This week was another busy one at work. Outside of work, it was uneventful. Josh and I made gourmet grilled cheese as pictured below. It tasted way better than that picture looks, but it had grilled chicken, avocado, pepper jack cheese and guacamole ranch on it. This weekend Erin and Mark were in Columbia so we did some shopping (I did not buy Hunger Games nail polish after all) and then adventuring on Sunday at the Pinnacles. Check out all of our pictures here.

Sorry for all of the feet pictures this week.

March 19- My janky neighborhood actually looks a little pretty when things bloom.

March 20- Bedtime story.

March 21- Springy toes.

March 22- Delicious grilled cheese.

March 23- Out to eat with friends!

March 23- Out to drinks with friends.

March 25- Not to brag, but we climbed to the top of those rocks.


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