But I want it

22 Mar

Lately I’ve been noticing that I want a lot of things. Like more than usual. I try to be a satisfied person. I don’t believe in online shopping (usually), but  for the past week or so I just want to buy some new things.

I wish I could say I want to buy gifts for other people. Although there are a few things I do want to gift, a lot of it I just want for me.

Why? Is it the changing seasons? The beautiful weather? The flood of sale emails in my inbox? Am I unhappy?

For example, I really want Hunger Games nail polish. Like possibly even more than I want to see the movie. Why? The colors are cool, but do I really need that, probs not.

I would really like a new pair of summer shoes too. Not sure what I’m looking for, but I’ll know when I see them.

For the past month, I’ve been eyeing up bikinis. Why, Shannon, why? You’re not going to swim for at least two more months. Uhhhhggggg.

Old Navy had summer-y dresses on sale this weekend. I could maybe buy one to wear to work.

I’m researching a new camera. I know, probably should have thought about that before photo-a-day March, but I don’t NEED one now. The one I have works. Sure, all the pictures I take indoors look out of focus. It’s not like a necessity like toilet paper or skicky notes.

I do need a loaf of bread. And bobby pins.

Back to the real question, what’s my deal?  Why is my credit card brining a hole in my purse?

Maybe I’ll just settle for some nail polish. Or oreos.


One Response to “But I want it”

  1. erinjoneil March 23, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    Lord knows if you want to avoid shopping this weekend hanging out with me is the worst possible thing you can do.

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