Spring it on

19 Mar

The past week has been absolutely balmy. I generally don’t talk about the weather on social media, but I think it’s time for a little spring post. Missouri is blessed with four seasons, which I love. Sometimes we wear flip flops in October, sometimes it snows in April. There are no rules.

As Missouri residents we both love and hate surprises. I pack a tub of winter clothes away as soon as I think we’re in the clear. After a huge load of laundry, I fold up my quilts, my thriller coat, all my tweed (one pencil skirt), my warmest sweats and my flannel nightie. This also means unpacking my jorts, my swimsuits and tank tops. And boy am I excited for that!

But really, I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!

Besides being ready for my spring/summer wardrobe of sundresses, JORTS, sandals, florals and less tights, I’m pumped for other things brought about by good weather.

I have some trips planned that I’m looking forward to in the next few months. A little spring break is in the works, as well as a trip to Tulsa to see Kate and Emily. I’m saving as many vacation days as I can for this summer so I can do a family vaycay and visit some friends too!

Spring means more time outside in general, which in turn means more running, more walking and more pleasant walks to work. Summer means Erin is coming back to Columbia and we will get some serious BFF time and some serious time at the lake or a pool we sneak into because we don’t have access to a pool. Ahh the wild outdoors!

It’s also time for some photos of the day. It’s been a very green week, which I love. Don’t worry, no photos of shamrock shakes this week (though I did have one). Erin and Mark got engaged on St. Pat’s which was a blast! I don’t have a photo of the ring, of course I didn’t think of that. I do have a photo of one of the 60 times she cried that day.

March 12- FYI this is not feminism, this is being plain trashy.

March 13- Josh drinking shakes. Mine is the green one.

March 14- Celebrating Stephanie's birthday on the patio at Flatbranch.

March 15- Cheesing at Sam's Club.

March 16- Our shamrock centerpieces for our St. Pat's breakfast.

March 17- Mark, Kerry, Abbey and Erin watching the video from our far away friends wishing them a happy engagement. Those are real tears people.

March 18- Grandpa, Mom and Grandma hanging out in the kitchen before corned beef and cabbage.


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