I’m not (March) mad about it

14 Mar

Ok, that was a play on one of my favorite phrases “I’m not mad about it” (used in context: “We’re stopping at McDonald’s to get Shamrock Shakes and I’m not mad about it”) and March Madness, the topic of this blog post. Rough, I know.

This year for the first time in 22 years (my whole life), I filled out a March Madness bracket. I don’t know if this is sad, but honestly I’ve never been invited to before and that’s not the kind of thing I just do for giggles. Since I started at MU, I’ve been a Mizzou Basketball fan (football too!), but I don’t follow any other teams.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like basketball. I love playing it- I don’t mean to brag but I held the highest free throw shooting percentage on my 8th grade team. I also got cut from the high school team, but that’s another post for another day called “What didn’t Shannon get cut from in high school?”

I really enjoy watching it as well, both in person and on TV. During middle school and high school I even reffed 3rd-5th grade basketball which got dicey at times, but I think it made me a better person. I had to learn all of the hand signals, so that was cool. Not everyone can pull off vertical stripes, but for $17 a game, I’d wear any kind of stripes.

But back to my bracket, I have one this year and it may not be the winning bracket, but hey I tried! As I mentioned, I don’t follow college basketball as a sport. I know the most about the Big XII because Mizzou plays those teams. So I made educated basketball decisions when it came to those teams. And, yes I let kansas win a few because, let’s be real they probably will.

Some of the match ups left me totally stumped, I mean I have no idea about the basketball program at Vanderbilt or Harvard. So I picked Vandy because one of my friends from high school went there and it’s geographically closer to me. Georgetown or Belmont? Georgetown because it’s Catholic and God loves basketball. Yes, Belmont is Christian, I know, but we have a pope.

If I didn’t know what the acronym stood for right away I probably picked them to lose early on in the tourney. Sometimes I found each school’s webpage and made an educated decision based on who had better design. Very scientific.

I decided not to look up records and articles about their best players because A.) that would take a lot of time and it’s beautiful outside and B.) I love upsets, I love Cinderella stories and I really love sports movies about underdog teams.

As a sports fan and as a pleasant human being, I do my best not to root against any teams, not including kansas. I always try to cheer for a winner instead of against a loser. I think it’s bad karma. I experienced it from the other side this fall when the Cards were in the playoffs. St. Louisians, and Cardinals fans in general, are easy to find in Columbia. Some people like to root for whoever’s playing the red birds. Maybe it’s jealousy? Maybe it’s too much support? I don’t know, but it seemed smug and ultra critical. Baseball is about peanuts and crackerjacks, but haters gonna hate.

Also a little bit of me wants kansas to do really well so we can play them again. Is that so wrong? There’s only $5 on my pool, let’s just say I consider that a donation to someone else’s bar tab.

And, yes I have Mizzou taking the national title. Part of that is the wish my heart is making. The other part is due to the fact I think we have a serious shot at it. I believe in miracles, people, and wouldn’t Denzel Washington make a great Frank Haith?


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