More March Photos!

11 Mar

Here’s the second installment of my photo a day project. Some days I have to pick between three pictures, some days I have trouble just taking one. I know I said no mirror pictures, but there are two this week. Sorry!

This week spring has really sunk in around here. On Thursday morning we got some hail, but other than that, it’s been jacket weather. Of course it’s still March and Missouri never makes up her mind, but I think I’m ready to bust out my jorts and my flip flops. I’ve also been itching to get a new swimsuit.

On Saturday we celebrated the Tiger’s Big XII Championship win and Jeff’s birthday downtown. He wears hipster glasses, and in his honor, we did too. Our glasses made a lot of friends that night, including a french exchange student who was not impressed with the French I learned from Beauty and the Beast.

Since it is March and Shamrock Shakes are a seasonal item, I’m making up for lost time this month. I had three this week (only 2 are pictured). Normally, I”m not a McDonald’s person, but I can’t resist the taste of fresh Shamrocks made by real leprechauns.

March 5- Josh demonstrates cutting his own hair with the Flowbee.

March 6- Today felt like Spring! Windows down and wearing shades while running errands.

March 7- Erin was in town for the night, so naturally we celebrated with Shamrock Shakes!

March 8- Shamrock Shake. Again.

March 9- Service Awards.

March 10- Liz came in town and we celebrated Jeff's birthday by wearing hipster glasses.

March 11- Broke out my shorts for the first time this season. I went for a run between storms.


All the phots from this week here.


One Response to “More March Photos!”

  1. Isaura Ogawa July 15, 2013 at 1:49 pm #


    My name is Isaura, and I work in the Iconography Department of Editora Moderna, a Publisher in São Paulo, Brazil.

    We are now producing the English teachbook called English ID Vol 3 1st Edition,
    in which the editors would like to use the image of Josh using Flowbee.

    Could you help me with the authorization and the image in high-definition?? Is there any cost for that?

    Any anwser would mean a lot.

    Best wishes,
    Isaura Ogawa.

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