Good morning, good morning

6 Mar

Please read the title as the lyrics to the song of the same name from Singing in the Rain.

It’s the hardest 10 minutes of the day for some people. Most people don’t remember it at all: the feeling of waking up. I wake up at 7:02am almost every weekday morning. If you’re a student reading this, you probably feel really bad for me. It’s ok, my body is used to it and is ready (unless I stayed up the night before). If you’re my dad reading this, you’re laughing because by 7:02 you’ve been at work for an hour and a half and are working on your second cup of coffee.

Either way, it’s how I roll. I’m a firm nonbeliever in the snooze. Maybe that’s the way I was trained, but I never use it. It stresses me out to think my alarm is going to go off again in 8 minutes. Instead of enjoying that sleep, I lay there with my butt cheeks puckered, anticipating the second verse of a Bon Jovi song. I’d rather just get up.

My ipod loves shuffle mode, so I usually leave it docked up and I wake up to a surprise, or whatever I was last playing. That lucky song becomes my theme song for the day. Today it was “Linger” by the Cranberries. What the heck is that supposed to mean? The week I accidentally left it on Adele, I woke up ready to strike revenge on every unlucky soul I’ve ever dated.

It takes a few long seconds for me to A. Realize what day of the week it is. B. Stretch C. Decide on what I’m excited about for the day. D. Put my feet in my moccasin slippers and get out of bed. It’s pretty amazing that whole routine can fit into seconds, but bear in mind that I usually have to go to the bathroom so bad I could cry at this point.

I start on my 45 minute routine and by the end of it, I’m dressed, there’s some mascara on my eyes, breakfast in my belly and I’ve assembled a poor excuse for a lunch. Sometimes I think if I didn’t have roommates, I’d be able to get ready faster, never waiting for a bathroom or the toaster. But, my roommates are pretty funny in the morning and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Ashley is the most happy person in the world, the mornings are no different. She always says it’s going to be a great day! It’s cheesey, but it inspires me to be a better morning person. It reminds me of an age-old Whitney tradition. Days when my dad stayed home and got us ready for school, he would spend breakfast trying to prod us for conversation. He had been up for hours and he’s a morning person anyway. After we put on our backpacks and tied our shoes, dad would make us stand at the top of the kitchen stoop and do a little cheer (with air punches). It goes like this:

I feel good! I feel great! I’M ALIVE.

(Hand motions: “I feel good” (punch right fist to the sky), “I feel great” (punch left fist), “I’m alive” (double punch). It’s a Whitney original.)

Thankfully, dad was only home every other Friday. Every other day my mom would stand at the top of the stoop and ask us vital questions, “Do you have your lunch? Will, did you brush your teeth? Get back in here Will, you have to brush your teeth. Did you remember your Friday Folder? Tuck in your shirt!”

While Ashley takes on my dad’s role as the a.m. cheerleader, Alexis is pretty much the opposite. She wakes up to her Ke$ha alarm and comes out of her room looking like a dream come true. She is not a morning person, but she’s a great night owl and probably blogs about how I go to bed early and I read a lot on the weekends. Alexis does inspire herself and Ashely and I by singing “Seize the Day” from Newsies.

Every Tuesday, my alarm sings at 5:45am because I teach Pilates. Every Tuesday morning at 5:45am, I resent that I VOLUNTEERED to teach a 6:30am class. As I quickly put on some yoga pants and a t-shirt, I silently pray that none of the participants show up and I can cancel class at 6:32, drive back home and snuggle back under my quilt for 25 minutes of sleep. That never happens. One or two crazy people always feel the need to work out before the rest of the world wakes up, so I teach class. About 10 minutes into said class, I remember that I actually like working out first thing and Pilates is pretty great anyways.

Once I’m at work, I’m the most productive in the mornings. I feel a little drowsy after lunch. About 2pm is when I start mentally rearranging my evening plans to fit in a 25 minute nap. By 10:30pm I’m ready to surrender for the day. I read a chapter or two, make bed angels (like snow angels, sans the snow) and call it a day.

I keep telling myself I should wake up early and run before work, now that the sun is rising earlier. I still haven’t mustered up the courage for that though. Here’s to trying!


One Response to “Good morning, good morning”

  1. Mr N-back from D-wood March 7, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    Wow I almost feel famous! two things- As I was reading this at 6:05 this am Julie & I’s song “Wake me UP” by evanesence was playing on the radio and you spelled sieze wrong


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