First week of March

5 Mar

So it’s here, what you’ve been waiting for all week- my pictures. Well maybe not, but let me think that at least. It was a really great week. I’m so happy my big huge project at work was finally approved, so it’s totally done. I have the same feeling I loved after walking out of a final exam. What a sigh of relief.

The weekend was a little slow, which was a nice change of pace. I went to a group fitness workshop with other instructors from the rec and picked up a few things. I also couldn’t walk for the following two days because my abductors were destroyed. Saturday afternoon, I went with some friends to a film at the True/False Film Festival. We saw Bully, which was a documentary about middle school kids in rural areas being bullied. So touching and really sad. It makes me not want to have kids, because they might get picked on while riding the bus. Here’s my first week in photos:

March 1- Josh learns church music at the kitchen table.

March 2- My friend Anna sent mail from the US Senate!

March 3- The director of Bully and the kids he followed in the film do a Q&A after the movie.

March 4- My view form the cheap seats, aka the choir loft.

And yes, I took a picture in church. You can see these and more in my March 2012 album.


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