March Photo Challenge

29 Feb

I really love reading different kinds of blogs and watching how other bloggers treat their posts as far as content, relevance, multimedia and number of posts. I don’t know that I’ve really found a rhythm, but I try to post 1-2 times a week about different things. Nothing too political, nothing too personal. I want to keep my blog fun and maybe a little funny. As a writer, I challenge myself to different things, like editing posts multiple times before I post, proofreading more carefully and including more photos are a few of my latest ones.

For March, I’m going to try to keep doing what I’m doing and add a little to it… I’m going to try to take at least one photo every day. Then once a week, I’ll post a photo montage of my week.I know it’s not original, just google it, tons of people are doing this.

Don’t worry, my random posts will keep coming. Just hopefully more pictures too. If we’re friends, maybe this will make you want to hang out with me more often so you can be featured in a daily photo.

This photo symbolizes the metaphoric leap I'm making as I challenge myself to take pictures. So deep.

Unlike many other bloggers, and people in general, these will not be iPhone photos. I don’t have an iPhone. If you want to sponsor me and the posts, I’d be happy to take one. For now, I’ll put my camera in my purse and drag the thing the size of a hotel bar of soap around everywhere I go. Blogging is a rough life.

I have a Nikon Cool Pix point and shoot, so don’t come here looking for some Ansel Adams. I also don’t have a dog or kids, so no Anne Geddes either. Just everyday stuff that may not be exciting at all. Or maybe it will be super exciting. I guess you’ll have to read and find out.

I will promise one thing, NO INSTAGRAM! When I take photos of inanimate objects, I will not filter them until it looks like they were taken underwater in Elton John’s pool in 1974. I may use black and white. I’m allowed to do that.

Another photo technique, if you will, that I will try to avoid is selfies. No shots in the bathroom mirror. There’s plenty of that on Facebook, I do not need to contribute and you probably don’t care what I wore to work today (black cropped pants, black and white Express shirt, black gypsy cardigan, black ballet flats, black jewelry from New Years-I call this look “Nightwatch, inspired by the Wall”).

This photo challenge is partially inspired by the fruits and vegetables eating contest we did at work for the month of February. In the past 29 days I ate 167 fruits and vegetables. Nuts, huh? I kind of love keeping track of that stuff and it really holds me accountable, especially when the other people in my office are depending on me for our team.

Also, I want to do this because I feel like I don’t have a lot of reasons to take pictures anymore. My life is not so action-packed. I mean, it never really was, but I’m less social now which was an excuse to take pictures. Someday when my kids ask me what I looked like when I was 22, what will I show them? These blog posts.


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