Cool down, man

28 Feb

Hey friends & readers, sorry it’s been a while. Things have been straight cray at work and when I get home all I want to do is read about what’s going on in Westeros. I’ve been slacking.

After reading a status or a tweet or two, I realize it’s almost election time! How exciting! The political sphere is one of crazy candidates with bad and good ideas, bad and good hair and bad and good stances on bad and good issues! Oooh!

Luckily, this election won’t be decided until November, so we have at least nine more months of this. That’s enough time to have a baby, if you’re wondering.

That’s also a lot of time to see the opinions of many of my friends and follows via Facebook and Twitter (and Google+). Let’s be real, these are exhausting and repeat offenders will be removed from my timeline. Before social media, how did you even know how your friends felt about hot button topics like health care, social security and DADT? Bumper stickers?

Here’s the thing, the Internet is the greatest. I’m a firm believer in free speech and expression, especially on the Internet. I have a blog for crying out loud. Your Facebook page and your Twitter are great outlets for discussion and political chat, but let’s lay out some ground rules so this doesn’t get nasty or annoying come November.

1. Your opinion is YOUR OPINION. Let’s not play off any opinions as facts, or worse, common sense. I understand you can’t understand the other side of the coin, but at least admit that there is another side. Oh and respect it. No, I don’t think aliens are real (no offense to any extraterrestrials reading this blog), but if that’s your thing, fine by me. Please don’t try to prove it to me and I won’t argue with you. Let’s practice this one, “I think…” You can even copy and paste it into your status if you’d like, I won’t be mad.

2. Let’s be respectful of all religions and no religions. Let’s keep this straight politics and argue about religion the three off years. That’s great if your religion influences your political choices, many argue that it should. Don’t push your politics in my face or your religion.

3. Vote. Please, just vote. In real life, at a polling place.

4. Expect conversation. Honestly, it’s the coolest thing about social media. People can reply and discuss things with you. If you’re going to post, don’t just expect a lot of likes, unless you only post cute puppies and babies.

5. Let conversation happen.  Do not delete comments other people make (unless they truly are offensive and not just to your ego or point of view). Part of my job is social media managing and not all of our comments are positive. Unlike many famous communist dictators, we do not delete them. We deal with them in a customer service manner. Let the people talk, that’s why we do social media, remember?

6. No more than one politically-inspired post per day. That’s all I can handle. People are just going to hide your from your feed and then you’re not being heard at all.

7. No bad words. If you drop an F-bomb in your status, I automatically think your mom should probably take away your computer time until the weekend. Let’s talk about politics like big kids and leave the swear words out.

How much would I love to post some screen shots of a few of my recent offenders? So much, but that’s not nice. You know who you are anyways.

As in the past, I will try to stay away from politics. I cannot promise to stay away from women’s issues though. Probably the moral of this post is only be friends with people who think exactly like you so you’re never offended. And God Bless America.


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