Search Terms

22 Feb

So if you have a WordPress blog, you have access to your blogs stats. I can see how many people (I can’t see who, don’t worry) read this each day (consistently, my dad), which posts are the most popular and search terms people plugged into Google and then clicked on my blog. That is one of my favorite things to look at and I’ve been keeping a list of some of the best ones.

There are a lot of things I don’t know, for example how to make an omelet. Another example is Google’s algorithm. Many of these words are very, very indirectly related to things I post about, some of them not at all. Here are a few of my favorites.

Victoria’s Secret Taco Panties– First of all, what the heck are these? Second, where can I get a pair? Sometimes when I can’t fall asleep, I lay in bed and think about the kind of person who would Google this.

Cooler of miller high life lights– This is a legit term. I did blog about drinking Miller High Life Lights (aka the low life) in my camping post. Still, such a minor mention, but someone still found me.

fourth grade girl school portrait– Well I did post some killer pics in a blog post. I hope someone used it for something important and people all over the world are looking at me.

how tall is zooey deschenel?– Great question, I have no idea and I’ve never claimed to know.

shannon whitney mizzou– Finally someone looking for me!

look at me in my leotard– This does sound like something I would say, but I’ve never actually said that.

make sophia grace costume– While I’m not a DIY blog, I’m honored someone would think to look to me for advice, I am an expert after all.

boys are dumb– Is this my proudest accomplishment ever?

boring stuff like you– Uhhhh, that’s rude of you. I’m not boring.

tumblr dance– What is this? Can I get in on it?

eating a turkey leg– I did blog about this in my Silver Dollar City post, so it is justified. Because when you think of Shannon, you think turkey legs.

Nick Carter naked– Whaaa? I did post that I used to be in love with Nick Carter, but I was 10, naked men would have scared me. They still do.

Young greek boy with long hair– This will probably be inspiration for an upcoming post…


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