The burning house

19 Feb

Have you seen the blog Burning House? It’s a blog that asks people to evaluate what they would grab if their house was on fire and they could only save a few things. It’s interesting to see what other people would grab and shows what’s important to us.

Naturally, I thought I would do the same for you. I try not to be a materialistic person. Try is the key word. I don’t know how, but I have so much STUFF. So I thought about it for a little while and decided these are the things I would want to save.

Beginning on the left, I’d save my external hard drive which holds all of my music, photos, college papers and family videos. Yeah, that’s a lot of pressure to have all the family videos on your hard drive. My siblings would never forgive me if those were lost forever.  It’s probably the most practical of all of my choices.

Now moving clockwise, the gray thing is my cell charger. Whenever important things are happening, I’m always the one with one stinkin’ bar left. After your house burns down, I’m betting there are a lot of phone calls to your insurance, landlady, friend on who’s couch you are sleeping, work to explain why your one outfit smells like an ash tray, etc. When you’ve literally lost everything, you’re probably too busy to buy a new phone and create a Facebook group asking for people’s numbers. Also, very practical.

Next is the pearl heart necklace. It was my grandma’s and I think it might be a real pearl. Anyways, I love it and it’s important to me.

The ring is my Cor Jesu ring. Besides a watch, it’s my only everyday jewelry. I have a bad day if I forget to wear it. Luckily it’s usually on my finger, so it’s one less thing to grab.

My cherry chapstick is next. This probably seems absurd that I would save something that cost 95 cents at every gas station in North America, but it’s a comfort to me. I just have this mental picture of me standing on the street watching my house go up in flames. The firemen are running in, but the orange flames are coming out of every window. I’m standing there, in my bare feet and my flannel nightie watching all of my things turn to ash. As tears pour down my face, I slowly coat my lips in cherry chap (that’s what I call it for short), my only comfort.

I would try to grab my purple dream catcher earrings because they are my favorite and match almost all of my outfits. I bought them in Nashville, so it would be very hard to replace them. They probably cost $5, but I’m not sure I could live without them. I had to stop from just grabbing my entire jewelry box, but I know that’s silly.

Moving on, my psychedelic dove notebook would be nice to have later. It lives in my purse, so maybe I should just grab the whole purse for convenience. I use it for all of my grocery lists, ideas, reminders, phone numbers and blog post ideas.

The photo is one of my grandparents that I really like. Now that I think of it, I should probably make a digital copy of that for safekeeping.

The last thing is on the bottom, it’s a box of cards and letters people have sent me. Sometimes if I’m having a rough day, I like to flip through them. I feel like the day your house burns down, is definitely going to be a bad day.

I didn’t take any clothes because I know I would take too long to pick something and by that time I might inhale too much smoke. As soon as the fire is out, I’m planning on going to Kohls to replace some of my wardrobe.


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