Young love: my first crushes

12 Feb

In time for Valentines Day, I thought I’d jog down memory avenue and revisit some old love. Here are a list of my earliest famous crushes. I won’t include any of my real-life ones because I like to think those boys are reading this blog while listening to Katy Perry’s One That Got Away and holding back tears. Mentioning them just wouldn’t be fair.

John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse

Most people who know me, probably already know this. He’s probably the only one on this list who has aged to perfection. After seeing him in the ad for Greek yogurt during the Super Bowl, I almost want to try Greek yogurt again. Almost.

Shawn, from Boy Meets World

I think during, my young life I was really attracted to men with long hair. Now as a mature woman, I realize 90% of all men should probably have a buzz cut. But still, who didn’t drool a little bit over Cory Matthew’s best friend who had a much rougher life and got all the chicks?

Pacey from Dawson’s Creek

If only Joshua Jackson could have aged like John Stamos, then he probably would make guest appearances on Glee too. Pacy was always getting into trouble and secretly in love with Joey (who is a girl, dad) or that one season he was in love with a teacher. Nine year old Shannon definitely thought he was a babe.

Nick Carter (I don’t even need to say of the Backstreet Boys)

Nick was my ultimate love. I actually loved him so much that I professed our love in the cement in front of our house, so our love really will withstand the sands of time. He is the most charming and arguably the most talented of the Backstreet Boys. I may have been so attracted to him because he always tried to sound so wise in his interviews by saying things like, “I really wanted to be photographed with my element, water, so my fans can better relate to me.” Thanks for that Nick, now I can sleep better at night knowing why you had a photo shoot in a pool. Now he’s probably in rehab somewhere.

Minus John Stamos, none of these guys turned out to be that cute when they grew up. I try to avoid dating celebrities these days anyways. Happy valentines day! I hope you feel loved!

Told you this was real!


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