What makes me feel beautiful?

9 Feb

Lately I’ve been following the blogs of Caitlin and Molly who are embarking on a 60 day journey called the Naked Face Project. Basically, they a not wearing any makeup or using beauty products for the next 60 days.

I keep up on their blogs and love reading about the reactions they get and the freedom they feel without any makeup. One question they both keep revisiting is what makes them feel beautiful. Women are fed so many messages by the media, our peers and even our parents about what beauty is and what makes us beautiful. So it got me thinking, what makes me feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful in the sun. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, so I love laying in the sun. Yes, I think I look a little healthier with a natural bronze glow. Yes, I also know I’m at risk for skin cancer, but I do wear sun screen. I wonder if laying in a tanning bed feels the same? I should probably never find out.

I feel beautiful when I’m laughing so hard that I can’t control it. Usually with my closest friends, relatives or the LSV ladies.

I feel really beautiful when I’m dancing. I’m betting others would disagree, but I didn’t ask you when you think I am beautiful, now did I?

I really feel beautiful doing Pilates. My body feels lean and firm. I love how I can move evenly to the music and the challenge my body while feeling stretched out. The first few times I did it, it wasn’t much fun. Now, I really enjoy that 50 minutes and look forward to it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Makeup doesn’t make me feel more beautiful. I hardly wear any- just a little eye shadow and mascara. Oh and chapstick and nail polish. I don’t even own concealer or foundation. Yeah, I break out, but I’d rather have a zit than a cakey makeup covered zit.

I think part of that comes from my upbringing. My mom wears make up when she leaves the house, but never really taught me how to wear it or what looks good. Now that I think of it, my sister wears more makeup than me, so maybe it’s nothing to do with my mom.

Mostly, I just like the naked feeling. It feels simple and complete not to have anything on my face. When I do where more makeup (my Lady Gaga costume), I feel self-conscious about touching my face and accidentally wiping it off or getting it on my clothes.

I have a feeling most women around my age don’t agree. Very seldom have I felt like I was under made up (is that even a thing?) in a social situation. Just not really my thing. Also, that would probably add 10 minutes to my morning routine.


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