How cool is the internet? So cool.

3 Feb

It really is. First of all, I can share all of these feelings on this blog, which I really love.
Second of all, our voices are heard. Literally, people post videos of themselves singing their favorite Rihanna song on YouTube. Figuratively, we can join in movements like Occupy Whatever, the SOPA protests and now the Komen outrage.

The internet lets us be the watchdogs because we have crazy access to a plethora of information about everything from sloths to presidential candidates. Seriously, everything is out there.

My grandma is trying to pawn off her old encyclopedia set to one of her grandchildren and we all keep saying no. It would take me 10 minutes to find information on volcanoes from 1985 when in 30 seconds I could be watching a live-stream of a volcano erupting in another country.

How cool to have all of this information so close? So cool. I was once at a party where we had a keg and no one knew how to tap it. So, naturally we got on YouTube and taught ourselves with a video. What would people have done 20 years ago? Gone thirsty, I imagine. Don’t worry Dad, I was 21 during said story.

A huge world of almost 7 billion people got a lot smaller. We can now find communities of people who share our interests, we can help women halfway across the world get an education or email funny pictures to dad.

I just saw the news about Komen changing it’s mind and deciding not to pull support form Planned Parenthood. Personally, I’m glad to hear it. It just goes to show how cool the internet is and how all of the informed and engaged people can make changes. That’s all.


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