Books to reread

14 Jan

As a rule I don’t reread books. I know people who’ve read the Harry Potter series 10 times through. That’s nice. I love Harry too, but there are millions of books I will never get to, and to read one book 10 times? That’s not fair to the countless books unread who never got a chance and to me, because I already know what’s going to happen.

I think the second time around I’d probably pick up different things and enjoy the style of writing more. Many people believe reading things at different stages in life will make a different impression on you. It’s like how the first time I saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I couldn’t sleep for a week out off fear of turning into a blueberry. Later I watched the movie again, laughed and truly appreciated it.

In the perfect world I could erase a book from my memory so I could reread it and full enjoy it the second time around. I’ll ask Tommy Lee Jones to borrow the MIB mindzapper thing. Maybe that’s part of the charm in the second read, knowing what is coming and being more attentive to details and foreshadowing.

Is rereading a book like smelling an old boyfriend’s scent? Does it bring back memories? Will it take me back to 17? I kind of doubt it. Will I still like the same characters as much as I did the first time? I hope so.

Maybe there are a few books worth rereading, and if I had to pick, here are my choices.

Charlotte’s Web- I used to love this book and now I can’t really remember much about it except the spider leaves notes in her web. Oh, and the pig’s name is Wilbur, which is strikingly similar to my brother’s name- Will.

Jane Eyre– I’ve actually started this one again because it’s free on my iPad. It was assigned reading for freshman comp in high school. I played Mr. Rochester in our class’ reinaction (in an all-girls schools, you sometimes have to bite the bullet and play the old man). Also, the movie looks kinda good and I want to reread it before I see it.

Catcher in the Rye– I restarted this one also. I loved Holden Caufield my sophomore year of high school and though J.D. Salinger’s rambling stream of consciousnesses was accurate and a little unsettling.

Life of Pi– My Aunt Judy recommended this book to me and I loved it. I still think about it pretty often, so maybe it’s time to reread.

Wicked– I read this for the first time senior year of high school (I think?). Since, I’ve seen the show which is very very different. The sequels are on my list to read, but to be honest I don’t remember enough about the original.

Any suggestions?


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