2011: A year in review

3 Jan

It’s time to start a new chapter for the new year. 2011 was pretty awesome , if I may say so. But I say that every year. I think Christmas was strategically placed at the end of the year so we’re all still feeling warm and fuzzy from the eggnog when we reflect on the past year. I mean, would your thoughts be different if we celebrated New Years on April 16?

I really did have a great year, full of change. I hope 2012 is even better with more change and growth and all that mushy stuff.

This year:

I figured out  that all good years begin and end in Chicago. New Years Eve and Snick Snack Day were too much fun last year and we capped off 2011 with a repeat performance. Everyone should spend at least one day a year in jammies eating junk food with your best friends.

Graduation! I did it. Yeah, I graduated. People expected that because I’ve always made decent grades and I usually follow though on promises. What people didn’t expect was for me to leave college. I mean, I was getting pretty good at it, if I may say so. I really didn’t cry either.

Job! I am an adult these days. At this time last year, I was not.

I saw the beach and the Atlantic Ocean twice this past year, which is huge for a land-locked Missouri girl. Once for two days over spring break in Miami. Then, two months later I went to West Palm Beach with my family for a week. It was so great to do a real family vaycay and all get sun burnt together! Sadly, I did not make it to Table Rock Lake this year for the Krystopa’s annual week in Branson. I’m already saving up my vacation days to spend with my cousins on the lake this summer!

I relocated to the Dollhouse, which has been nothing short of wonderful.

Now I’ll set some goals for this coming year:

Find a dance class. Soon.

I realllllly want to visit Washington DC and/or New York this spring. I have friends living in both places with welcoming couches. I’ve never been to the big apple and now seems like a great time. Also, I love DC and I got to explore for a day in April and I can’t wait to go back. How about February? March?

Write more, better. Probably right here on this blog, but my “Feelings” document in Google Docs is growing too. As you can probably infer, that’s where I write about my feelings. Your welcome for keeping them off of this blog.

Run more, faster. Ok, just more.

Keep all of the plants in my life alive, including but not limited to my violet, my work plants and my new chia pet.

Meet one or more of my celebrity crushes. Right now that list includes John Stamos, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake and Aziz Ansari. If you know these guys, help a sister out.

Here are the most perfect resolutions to all people my age. 

I’ll leave you with this:a moving list of the 45 most powerful images of the year.

Cheers to a wonderful 2012 and can everyone please upload New Years pics soon. I need a new prof pic.


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