Babies are the cutest

29 Dec

Christmas has come and gone. I’ve been doing a lot of family things and a lot of reading lately. Last night I FINALLY finished Game of Thrones after almost a month. In my defense, I did get hooked on Parks & Rec during that time. Oh and the book was 800 pages.

It was nice to come home and feel like part of a family again. Sleeping on a twin bed and waking up not knowing where I am. Eating pumpkin pie for breakfast all week. Power walking with my mom twice a day. Catching up with high school friends.

On Christmas Day, we made the usual journey over to my grandma and grandpa’s house to celebrate with the Krystopas. For Christmas my grandma gave me my own nativity scene. Nothing says “I’m an adult now” quite like having your own replica of the holy family. It is really pretty and my grandma has made a point to give one to each grandchild as they move out. I was suprised to get one because, to be real, I do not really feel like an adult. I guess I need to face the facts.

On Christmas my cousin Sara and her husband Brian brought their brand new baby daughter Jordyn. She was born in October and is so precious. We passed her around all afternoon, so everyone got a turn to coo and tell her how cute she is.

It’s really neat to see people, especially men interact with babies. Brian, the father is a really nice guy, but watching him take care of his daughter, he becomes a whole different person. My brother, who is 17, sat and talked to the baby on his lap for 15 minutes. All my aunts and cousins took turns holding and cuddling.

Since the baby is only two months old, she doesn’t have any tricks. She cuddles, she smiles and cries sometimes, but she’s so good at all three! Watching my whole family fall under the baby spell reminds me of what Christmas is all about: cute babies.

We are celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus after all. I like to imagine my figurines of the shepherds, wise men and Jesus’ parents spent that first night in the stable passing their beautiful new baby around and talking about how cute he is, kinda like how my family passed Jordyn around all afternoon. Jesus probably spit up a little bit and got fussy when he was hungry. Mary and Joseph probably hardly got any sleep at all for the first few months.  Sara and Brian can relate to that best of all.

Babies, including Jesus and Jordyn, are born so little and cute. They have no enemies (King Herod doesn’t count), they have no character flaws, they have never done anything wrong. Babies are so perfect.

On Christmas we should all get to love on a baby to remind us that we all started as babies. We were all tiny and cute and flawless. Every single one of us started the exact same, no matter  how annoying or ugly or smart or sporty or rich we turnout.

Hopefully, we can see past our differences and remember how we are all alike. I don’t think we need to hold candles and sing in the snow like those old Coke commercials, maybe we can all just hold a baby for a minute.

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