While you were studying

12 Dec

This is my first finals week without any finals since middle school. Yes, OLP believed in finals for 7th & 8th graders, rough, I know. My roommates are stressing, Twitter is blowing up with tweets about papers and exams at all hours of the days and night.

I actually have always liked finals. Remember, I was a journalism student, so we didn’t have an many as our hard science friends. It was a week with two or three big tests. Finals in December meant lots of Christmas cookies, staying in bed late (to study) and probably some snow. Finals in May meant SUMMER, shorts and the accomplished feeling of another year behind you. In general, I just like the change of schedule and watching everyone walk around like zombies. There’s also something so great and so …final about finals. When you walk out of the auditorium, you’ve just knowledge vomited everything you know and then some onto a blue book and that just feels nice.

Also, you get to sell your books back for ca$h!

Since I am without all of this stress and most of my playmates need to study, here’s what I’ve been up to and what will keep me busy this coming week.

Crafting – Wish I could say more, but some of my lucky readers are getting crafts for Christmas presents! Let me tell you though, I’ve been giving my glue gun and acrylics quite the workout.

Reading romance novels– Just kidding, I’m working on Game of Thrones now and it’s getting intense! It’s also 700 pages long, so I’m sure I’ll still be reading it long after the final final. My goal is to finish it before Christmas.

Watching Parks and Rec – Thanks a lot Josh for getting me hooked. No really, I’m obsessed with Leslie Knoppe. Unfortunately I only have two episodes of season three left… so I will finish this long before finals are done. Then I will have to fill the empty place in my life with fudge and Christmas cookies and reading funny blogs about Parks and Rec.

Cooking Mexican food and listening to Hootie – This is really what happens. If you’ve never tried it, it could change your life.

Doing online research for potential major life purchases… – Hint it’s not a dog or an aqua climb, not that I don’t want these. Do you know how much it would cost to get a weave? How about a pair of jet skis?

but really… play with me.


One Response to “While you were studying”

  1. Jess December 14, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    Um, this is my mind. And my life. I am decidedly craftier, read more, and cook more now that I’m not in school. Don’t you love it!? Congrats on your real life:). I’m reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Might need to add Game of Thrones though.

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