Black Friday

8 Dec

((author’s note: sorry this post is so late. it took weeks for me to recover enough from black friday to be able to properly reflect for this blog post.))

Black Friday is losing it’s clout as the ultimate deal day for a lot of reasons. Number one, the deals just aren’t what they used to be. Thanks a lot Number two, the stores keep opening earlier and earlier. 5 and 6 am were early when I got into this business. The past few years, I’ve shopped at 3 and 4, then this year, they started at midnight. I’m livid. Number three, people are nuts. Pepper spray? Stabbing? This is shopping people, not the civil war.

Well the Whitney’s have been Black Friday shopping for generations. By that I mean my mom and her sisters have been doing it since I was born, or maybe longer. My sister and I joined in on the fun in high school and we’ve never looked back.

Whenever I talk about it,  people always think my family is nuts. I’m not arguing, they are crazy, you should see our Scrabble games or the production it takes to get 5 adults out of the house for 11am mass on Sunday mornings. I’ve heard “It’s not worth my time” or “Sleeping is more important.” Oh and it is. But Black Friday is more of a sport than just savings.

We do Thanksgiving at 1pm, so the evenings are spent sprawled out on the living room floor with all the ads. I’m pretty sure Hitler invaded Poland with a less intimidating plan. We pick what stores have the items we need (and we don’t do electronics, none of the Whitney’s are that fast or that good at boxing) and what stores have the best deals. Then we coordinate openings, check our lists twice and power nap.

The trick to Black Friday shopping is in the wardrobe. You don’t go to the beach in a parka and you do not shop on Black Friday in too many or two few layers. Remember, you will have to wait outside in the sub-zero weather for who knows how long and then endure the heat and stress of the crowds in the store. Balance is key. Shoes or boots that slip on are a must. Glasses are bad, they come on and off with pullovers. We usually don’t try on clothes on BF because that takes to long. Every once in a while you may have to though. Be prepared.

Mom always brings us snacks. These include granola bars, water, chocolate and some fruit. And yes, you totally want to get stranded on an island with my mom, she’s also a registered nurse.

We run in and out, shopping with a mission, if you will. All decisions are made in haste and at 4 in the morning, but we don’t make mistakes.

We usually make friends while waiting in line too. All kinds of characters come out at 5am to scratch off a ticket to see if they won $10 or $500 to Sports Authority.

The best part of BF? Hanging with my mom and sister for a long time before the sun is up and then crawling back into bed only to forget everything we bought. It’s better that way, so when Santa comes it’s all a surprise!

Here are my tweets of desperation from the day:

Now that Thanksgiving is long gone, it’s time for some Christmas music! I’ll end this post with my favorites.

My favorite Church-y Christmas song is called “I Hear Angles” or “Holy, Holy, Guacamole” around the Whitney home. I’ve only ever heard it at Our Lady of Providence, but it’s beautiful and all about a savior being born. Perhaps I’ll sing it for you sometime.

N*Sync and Mariah Carey are going to tie for my favorite pop Christmas song. I really can’t decide between “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” and “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Both winners in my book and on my iPod.

My favorite classic Christmas carol is “White Christmas.” Maybe it’s because I love the movie, maybe because it just seems romantic and festive to have snow on the big day.

‘Tis the season!


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