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5 Dec

I’ve been approached a lot lately by readers and fans asking what I want for Christmas this year. “Gosh, Shannon, I’m one of 12 regular readers of your blog and I know you make zero money from it. I really just want to treat you right this holiday season and pay you back for the laughs and witty insight you provide. What are you asking for from Santa?”

Well, readers this post will answer your questions. Also, much thanks to Pinterest for bookmarking these gift ideas.

Aqua Wall

If I had one of these I could host the most epic pool parties EVER. And I would. People would be coming to my pad every weekend of the summer. Just imagine the water volleyball games, Marco Polo and Colored Eggs would become a thing of the past. All the other pool guests would cheer you on as you ascend the wall, then when you reach the very top you get to do the dive of victory back into the water below!

By climbing the aqua wall regularly you’re become jacked, which would be a real crowd pleaser. Oh, I also need a pool to put it in, I don’t think this would be very safe in my backyard.

In reality, I think I would not be very good at this, but if I had it in my backyard I could practice all the time. It’s like when one of your friends owns DDR and plays all the time on expert and you can only play on beginner (or medium on the easy songs). She has to be good at it, she has one in her basement, or pool in my case.

Let’s just say, if you buy this for me, you are eternally on the A-list to all of my pool and dry land parties for the rest of your life.

Built in floor bed

This is literally a picture of heaven:

Can you imagine waking up in this little toasty nook every morning? I would have to quit my job because I would never get out of bed, ever. Also, the mattress pictured is probably made out of clouds and Pegasus feathers.

A really cool library

You know the scene in Beauty and the Beast when the Beast shows Belle the beautiful library for the first time and she almost passes out? Well, that and Aladdin’s magic caret ride date have created unrealistic expectations for love in my life. I would love to be blindfolded and then led into a room with more books than a girl could even possibly read in her lifetime. So, just a little Christmas idea. And think, the books could be stocking stuffers!

Gaga Shoes

As you know, I love Lady Gaga. I especially love dressing up like her. Homemade costumes are by far the best, but sometimes even the best costumes that come from the depths of my mother’s closet, need a little extra zing. In the instance of my Gaga outfit, shoes.

In the past I’ve worn my “stripper heels,” which are just 4 inch glitter heels. Last Halloween they broke after a little too much dancing, so I’m on the market for something a little more authentic. Aka these ->

I could be 6’2″ in these bad boys! They are only $109 on Ebay! And they are cheetah! Business casual?

It’s not a want, but a need.

Doodle Bear

This is a little transition from unrealistic gifts because I’m a renter and you’re not rich to gifts that I wanted as a child and have no use for now. Someday I will buy these for my future children even if they are not interested in them at all.

I really wanted a Doodle Bear for a really long time, like at least two Christmases. I remember my mom hating the idea of washing markers off in a load of laundry. Now that I do my own laundry, it’s understandable. Also, what on earth did I think I was going to write on the bear? I haven’t a clue.

Look though, it is pretty cute.

Disney Princess Castle Dollhouse: Ultimate Dream Castle (dolls not included)

I know, you have to purchase the princesses separately, bummer. Alexis and I saw this at Walmart and fell in love. Just think, all of my favorite princesses (except Rapunzel, how rude) just being roommates. You KNOW they would all be besties and have pillow talk about their princes and sing together.

“Jasmine, your turn to vaccume!”

“Snow White, those dishes are piling up! It looks like we live with seven men!”

“Cinerella, can you please walk more quietly on those charming castle stairs? Aurora is trying to sleep!”

“Ariel, you’re taking forever in the bathtub, I need to curl my bangs!”

Also, imagine all of the little animals that would probably live there and the princes shacking. It would be out of control. Their caste would look like the Disney World parade everyday.  Heaven.

I wonder if there’s enough room for my Kate Middleton barbie in the Ultimate Dream Castle?


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