Men really aren’t stupid*

1 Dec


Ok, I have no scientific proof of this or anything, so bare with me. I do feel a little guilty that I say not so nice things about the opposite sex semi-regularly. One of my favorites is “Boys are the worst,” when one does something wrong. When one of my friends is disappointed in a guy, I’m the first to chime, “He’s dumb, you deserve better.” This whole issue came to my attention when a guy who I do not think is dumb saw an email in my inbox titled “boys are dumb.” Whoops.

Now, in my defense it was an email to a friend who was confused about a  dating dilemma and I wanted to comfort her and tell her what she was feeling is ok. But was that really the best way to do that? Probably not.

The boy in her situation was not dumb. Well, actually I’ve never met him so I have no idea. I think the moral of this post is that women like myself and my dear friend just do not understand men and vice versa.

It’s easier to say, “He’s dumb,” than over analyze the usually all to simple and thoughtless reason for his action. I can’t figure them out, but I have noticed most of the time we overestimate the thought behind a guy’s choice. Why was he late? Because he was hungry and he wanted to finish his sandwich before he came over. Why didn’t he text back? Because you ended the conversation with a statement, not a question. Why is he not into you? I don’t actually have a clue, but that’s how it is sometimes.

So they really aren’t stupid, I’m not totally fair and maybe I should reconsider my hasty condescending comments. And men do the same thing with “crazy.” See below.


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